As some of you, fellow Rock World Staff Members may have seen, Wikia now features a new promote button to make more people know about your wiki.


I suggest we take advantage of this opportunity to advertise Rock World and Rock World Wiki. Whether it's promoting the public wiki ( or the private, Staff Only wiki (, I suggest we do it...


Public Wiki

  • Brings more contributors to Rock World's Public Wiki
  • Indirectly Advertises Rock World
  • Helps us select possible RW Staff

Private Wiki

  • Brings much needed possible staff members
  • Helps recruit peope to fight Muffin


Public Wiki

  • None

Private Wiki

  • Encourages leeching behavior towards Rock World
  • May support Muffin's return

Well, now that I've informed you of all possible Positives and Negatives, I ask you, fellow RW Staff, to inform me on your opinion on the matter...



Upcoming Blogposts

  • Report: The Return of Muffinmon345
  • Template Updates 1.2 (or 2.0)
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