It has recently come to my concerne that any bycomer to casually land on Rock World Wiki is getting blocked for no reason. What a waisted chance... Most of the people probably just want to co-operate and help with rock world. Rock world is supose to be released November 16-20, 2014. But, at this working rate, I have calculated RW will be finished around 2017.

Not to offend anyone, all works on this wiki, expecially the pictures are marvellous, if I do say so myself, possibly better than club penguins own graphics. The problem is the time. On (mean) avrage, we have made 9 clothing items, 0 rooms, 1 mascot, 3 colours and 1 house a month... The items which are released in any virtual world in one week. We need to get drawing, or coding. In Ally's words: Get those noggin's working!!!

Even if we did speed up work though, it would still be much for our current numbers to finish by November 2014. So I had a thought: Why not let wikian passerbys have a chance to join rock world stuff? Or, if you dont trust outsiders, even members of the club penguin wiki!

By writing this blog, I did not mean to offend any of you, whereas to open your eyes and render possible your illusions.

That is all. Frimmolino

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