• Kiara655

    Healing Eye

    September 10, 2012 by Kiara655

    When I was in the mall, we went to the ladies toilet. Then after a few seconds or mins. in the toilet, I felt something on my eye. Then I rushed to my cousin and she told my mother. And when my mom told me to open my eyes in a hand full of water, I refused. But after 3 hours in the car after going to the mall, my eye was feeling better. And if you think my eye was hurting, please comment "Yes". If you don't think it was hurting say "No."

    (P.S. no swearing in the comments)

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  • Frimmolino

    Blocking Policy

    September 4, 2012 by Frimmolino

    It has recently come to my concerne that any bycomer to casually land on Rock World Wiki is getting blocked for no reason. What a waisted chance... Most of the people probably just want to co-operate and help with rock world. Rock world is supose to be released November 16-20, 2014. But, at this working rate, I have calculated RW will be finished around 2017.

    Not to offend anyone, all works on this wiki, expecially the pictures are marvellous, if I do say so myself, possibly better than club penguins own graphics. The problem is the time. On (mean) avrage, we have made 9 clothing items, 0 rooms, 1 mascot, 3 colours and 1 house a month... The items which are released in any virtual world in one week. We need to get drawing, or coding. In All…

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  • Neiria005

    Blocked for Proof

    September 3, 2012 by Neiria005

    Ok, Twinkie!

    Blocked again, been there, done that. Found I was a sockpuppet, same attitude as me, got blocked by Awesome A.K.A worst wikia mate ever. So be careful in what you do and say.So Twinkie if there's an online game for audults, please don't say anything about your age. Plus without telling my age, I got blocked for proof. So whatever you do, DO NOT go to the CPWC anymore. I don't want you to get blocked. So never EVER, go to the CPWC.

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  • Ally67

    *Face Palm*

    September 2, 2012 by Ally67

    Around the time I am making this blog, It is 3:10 am (GMT+4). I am not available around these times but who cares! I actually made this blog to say this, Custard the evil bird clone (from the CPWiki), has heard about Rock World by me ACCIDENTALLY (I mean it) saying to Twink and Neiria "Cya best video game designer ever". He wanted to be staff when me, Twinkie and Neiria said we were still making Rock World. When Twink realized he had no experience, he kindly told Custard he couldn't join. When Custard saw that he just became mad. And we sort of made a fight on the CPWiki. He even said Rock World is FAKE and he won't beleive it is real UNLESS he becomes a staff member. I only made this blog to inform you guys about earlier. It happened around 2:…

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  • Kiara655

    Hello everyone!

    This is a blog about a kids concert in my church. And if my parents post the videos on YouTube, I will give the link to my solo song and my fave song. Plus,im the first one in the solo part. So if you're looking forward to listening to my solo, please wait. You can see on the details below

    date: September 15, Saturday, 2012.

    place: Gloria Hotel Dubai

    songs: Goin' Under the Sea, Test with Dive, Open the Eyes of my Heart, Joyful Noise, Daily Diving Deeper, Whale of a Tale, SOS!, Call on Jesus and the Finale.

    concert name: Under God's Sea

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  • Frimmolino

    I, Frimmolino, member of RW Staff am proud to announce that the muffin menace has been succesfully repelled. Muffinmon345 and Muffingirl321 have both been banned from chat forever and banned from this wiki for 100K Years.

    The ban parameters are the following:

    Muffin also vandalized the following pages:

    • Brown
    • Rockin Ride
    • Extra: Template Team


    • Green Lined Hat

    but they have been reverted succesfully...

    Furthermore, she appeared on CPYS and insulted RW and its staff

    I will look further into Muffin's return and monitor her wiki activity. I will expand on that in my next Report!

    General Frimm out...

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  • Frimmolino

    Promoting Rock World

    August 31, 2012 by Frimmolino

    As some of you, fellow Rock World Staff Members may have seen, Wikia now features a new promote button to make more people know about your wiki.


    I suggest we take advantage of this opportunity to advertise Rock World and Rock World Wiki. Whether it's promoting the public wiki ( or the private, Staff Only wiki (, I suggest we do it...

    • Brings more contributors to Rock World's Public Wiki
    • Indirectly Advertises Rock World
    • Helps us select possible RW Staff

    • Brings much needed possible staff members
    • Helps recruit peope to fight Muffin

    • None

    • Encourages leeching behavior towards Rock World
    • May support Muffin's return

    Well, now that I've informed you of all possible Positives and Negatives, I ask you, fellow RW…

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  • Ally67

    Keep an Eye Out For Muffin

    August 28, 2012 by Ally67

    Yesterday around 12:00 AM (GMT +4), Muffinmon345 saw me, Twinkie, and Kiara in CPYS. While she was crashing the party the 3 of us were having, she satated she will take over Rock World! She even called it "F**k World"! So if you bump into Muffin report ASAP. If you see her on CPYS, her name is Log Lon Lom (or something like that) . So as the titile says, "Keep an Eye Out for Muffin!"

    Ally OUT!!

    P.S. Twinkie added Muffin as a freind on CPYS, just so we can know if she is online in CPYS or not. So please don't worry.

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  • Kiara655

    Emergency in CPYS

    August 27, 2012 by Kiara655
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  • Kiara655

    Slumber Party on CPYS

    August 22, 2012 by Kiara655

    Hello everyone, I just come to tell you that there is a slumber party in CPYS.

    Here is the info:

    Server: Snow pileup

    Meeting Place: Becon

    Ages: 8-18

    Theme: Adventure or Christmas

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  • Kiara655

    Squish and Party

    August 20, 2012 by Kiara655

    I just finished bathing. And I wanted to use the loptop. So I opened the loptop and accidentally squished my finger.

    YOWCH!!!! So I was in Ally's house. And I told Ally. And please say yes in the comments if u think my finger hurts.

    And please. No swearing. :)

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  • Kiara655

    Today was a strange day. But I saw a guy called User:Ozann2. He seems very friendly. I think he was one of the ones that wanna be staff. Well I know Twinkie can make him staff. (if ozann wants)

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  • Kiara655

    Rhysw's School

    August 15, 2012 by Kiara655


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  • Frimmolino

    Template Updates 1.0

    August 15, 2012 by Frimmolino

    Hello, fellow Rock World Staff Members...

    Today, I am proud to announce thatI have recently fixed 2 most important templates...

    Template: GlassesUser

    • Before: The glasses image didn't show
    • After: The glasses image (Glasses.png) is now shoun on the template.

    Template: Quote (Formerly known as Cquote2)

    • Before: Had a broken line of code, which stopped it from working
    • After: It now works properly

    If you would like any more templates fixed or improoved, just comment or leave me a message on my talk page...

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  • Frimmolino

    Frimm's Templates

    August 4, 2012 by Frimmolino

    Hey, fellow Rock World Staff. Here are some templates I made...

    For Twinkie and Kiara

    For Twinkie and I

    For anyone

    Also, I am starting a Rock World Wiki Template Team

    If you would like to join the template team, request a template or give advice, just comment...

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  • Frimmolino

    Frimmolino's Back

    August 1, 2012 by Frimmolino

    Well, let's just say, I'm back on the job...

    If someone would be so kind as to fill me in on events since June 11, I would really apriciate it...

    Frimmolino aka Frimm 101

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  • Ally67

    So far, Twinkie has started making Rock World, an upcoming MMORPG. With many of us participating, we will be able to complete Rock World ina few months, wich makes me VERY VERY happy. So for the completion of Rock World, I'm thinking we are about 50% done. I'm so excited for Rock World. :)

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  • Twinkie102

    EVERYONE! Work is coming! And we have to do it hard! We are in the design of a video game for iPod and iPad! Called "Rock World: MUSIC WARS!!" So that is a hard work game! Any workers who don't have it, I will allow them to download it on their computer.... For free! Though you will have to use buttons.

    Twinkie, OUT!!

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  • MarieBilly Archimedes Shears

    Hello, Rock Worlders! I wonder if anyone knows who this is...

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  • Twinkie102

    All Workers!

    Just letting you know that there will be more and more items coming! Also rooms, Music, and other stuff. But for now here is a look at the upcoming hat. The Blue Lined Hat! Going to be availible in an upcoming catalog.

    Keep on writing down those ideas! :)

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